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Statistics tell the story! Our sample case study illustrates how implementing Allergy EDGE™ in your practice can improve your safety record through a dramatic reduction in mixing errors.


The Allergy EDGE™ system places an emphasis on patient safety by providing barcoded patient vials and bulk antigen for improved mixing safety, and multiple verification points to reduce the possibility of additional errors.

Allergy EDGE FastPass™

Utilizing the Allergy EDGE FastPass™ system speeds up the patient check-in process, saving both you and the patient time, and freeing up your staff to focus on the upcoming appointment.


Maintaining a ready supply of antigen is crucial for an allergy practice. Our Allergy EDGE™ software’s advanced tracking tools provide up-to-the-moment inventory analysis to ensure you remain well stocked at all times.


Detailed reporting tools ensure your practice has the resources needed to run efficiently and smoothly. The Allergy EDGE™ system includes a full array of available reports for all aspects of your business.

Allergy EDGE™ Hardware

Cutting-edge software requires state-of-the-art hardware to run it, and Allergy EDGE™ has you covered. Our package includes an orbital barcode scanner, USB slot card reader, Laserjet color printer, web camera and label printer.


“Systems that use information technology (IT), such as computerized physician order entry, automated dispensing, barcode medication administration, electronic medication reconciliation, and personal health records, are vital components of strategies to prevent medication errors, and a growing body of evidence calls for their widespread implementation.” – British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2009 Jun; 67(6): 681–686.

It is obvious that the prevention of medication errors is a top priority in the medical field, and allergy treatment is no different. The numbers in our case study clearly depict the benefits of adopting Fuel’s Allergy EDGE™ protocol. Following implementation of our program in January, the practice we studied prevented 1,435 mixing errors as a result of the safety features included in our software—a trend that remained solid throughout the seven-month duration of our study.

In a recent analysis in a single practice case study 1,435 of prevented mixing and treatment errors in a single practice case study.


Number of mixing
errors prevented

Prevented Mixing Errors

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul

Finding out what our patients are allergic to is a great first step in helping them find relief from their symptoms, but what about those patients who decided against immunotherapy at the time of the allergy testing evaluation? Identifying them can be a challenge. How do we know that we are educating our patients correctly and providing them with enough information to allow them to make informed decisions about their care? Utilizing Allergy EDGE and the data analytic experts at Fuel Medical Group will provide you with answers to these questions and many more. The illustration below shows an example of a single practice and how the allergy testing to treatment conversion improved over time with the assistance of Fuel Medical.

Conversion %

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec


Mixing Safety: With the Allergy EDGE™ software system barcoding process, you’ll be able to mix antigens faster and more accurately than before. The system is designed for improved safety and efficiency: all patient vials and bulk antigen are barcoded and each vial is scanned prior to mixing, eliminating the need for hand written labels and reducing the likelihood of dosage or dilution errors and patient misidentification. The paperless system includes built-in error reporting.

Treatment Verification: Few scenarios are more disconcerting than inadvertently providing patients with the wrong medication. Our Allergy EDGE™ treatment protocols, coupled with our software, place an emphasis on patient safety by providing multiple verification points. A multitude of safety features ensures error-free treatment for your patients.

  • The patient’s file is verified by name and photo
  • The recipe is verified when the vial is scanned
  • Multiple personnel verify the recipe, providing an additional checkpoint and ensuring proper strength and dilution every time
  • Any reactions to the treatment are recorded
Through these checks and balances, safety is assured during every step of the process.

Allergy EDGE FastPass™

The Allergy EDGE FastPass™ system maximizes efficiency through electronic check-ins. By swiping a card, your patients will automatically check themselves in for their appointment, saving them and your front office staff valuable time. The system will identify the patient by name and photo to your technicians, notifying them of their arrival and readiness for treatment. Patients love the convenience of the card and streamlined check-in. Many practices also opt to include a list of shot hours on the back of the card to keep patients informed and reduce inquiries.

With the Allergy EDGE FastPass™ self check-in system, both you and your patients enjoy the convenience of electronic check-in, reducing lengthy waiting times in the lobby or reception area. This allows your patients to bypass front office staff and focus on what is important—meeting one-on-one with their physician for treatment.

Patients swipe a card to automatically check-in, and are identified by name and photo. Technicians are then notified of their arrival, and call patients back for treatment when they are ready to see them. Fast service translates to positive patient reviews, and good word of mouth means more business.

A key Allergy EDGE FastPass™ feature is patient identification. When the patient self-swipes his or her card, the monitor identifies that patient by name and photo. This important safety feature ensures the correct patient is receiving the correct medication type and dosage, and eliminates any errors due to incorrect drugs going to the wrong person.

Time is a valuable commodity for both you and your patients. With the Allergy EDGE FastPass™ system, when patients check-in, your technicians are automatically notified. This allows them to pull charts and prepare the correct medications and dosages in advance, streamlining the process and allowing the busy front office staff to occupy themselves with other tasks.

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is critical to successful patient care and just makes good business sense. The inventory reporting tools included in our Allergy EDGE™ software assist in inventory analysis to help maintain the perfect balance of core inventory for your allergy practice and ensure you won’t run into shortages when demand is greatest. Our system keeps track for you, eliminating the need for last minute rush orders or worse, having to turn away patients in need of treatment. It allows you to easily track recalled lot numbers and expired vials for improved safety.

Our inventory management software:

  • Supports multi-location inventory
  • Enables tracking by expiration date and lot number
  • Utilizes customized barcode processing
  • Includes a label generator


In business, tools and resources are a necessary component in effectively managing an allergy practice. The Allergy EDGE™ software system includes detailed reporting tools designed to assist you in optimizing efficiencies and adding to your bottom line. Here is a brief listing of reports that can be generated:

Sample List of Available Reports

  • Total Active Allergy Patients
  • Allergy Patient Testing Tracking Reports
  • Total Shots Report by Location
  • Vials Created by Location
  • Antigen Error Reporting
  • Expired Vials
  • Last Allergy Visits Report
  • Tested But Not Treated
  • Epi-Pen Expiration Report
  • Vials Mixed Report
  • Vial Billing Report
  • Inventory Management


Other metrics are available, as well.

Allergy EDGE™ Hardware

Great software requires state-of-the-art hardware, and Fuel Medical provides you with tools designed to complement and showcase our Allergy EDGE™ software. Included is an orbital barcode scanner for safety verification of antigen, a USB slot card reader to help streamline the patient check-in process, a high quality LaserJet color printer, a web camera, a label printer, and a supply of labels (1,000 label sheets and a roll of Dymo labels—more than enough to get you started).

Orbital Scanner

The orbital scanner is used by the allergy technicians to scan the allergen vials to ensure the correct allergens are used for each dosage mix.

LaserJet Printer

The LaserJet printer is used to print out various test results that Allergy EDGE™ provides in the allergy treatment process.

Label Printer

The label printer is used to print the barcode labels that are applied to each allergen so they can be scanned in the Allergy EDGE™ software for inventory and mixing accuracy.

Web Camera

The web camera is used to take photos of your allergy patients so their photos can be added to their FAST PASS cards to ensure another level of accuracy.


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